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Thread: Spontaneous death (?) of my Pixie Frog (pictures included)

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    Unhappy Spontaneous death (?) of my Pixie Frog (pictures included)

    Lately, I've been having very bad luck with my frogs. Over the summer I lost my two Dumpy's Tree Frogs when I had my friend watch over them. He didn't realize they needed a water source and only sprayed the enclosure twice a day... Next, my tiny Green Tree Frog stopped eating and then died of starvation. After that, my Pac-man Frog who was healthy for 6 years died out of no where, pretty similar to what has happened to my Pixie Frog. Now, my Pixie Frog, hasn't eaten in about 3 days and he started to look a littler weaker than normal, by day 2 he was in the water and his hind legs were shedding. I figured he wasn't eating because of this. Today I checked up on him and he was completely still in the water, he felt slightly cold and did not respond to my handling. I want to know what I did wrong even if I'm probably never going to own another frog again.
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    Default Re: Spontaneous death (?) of my Pixie Frog (pictures included)

    I wouldn’t beat yourself up over it. Sometimes unexpected deaths happen despite all our best efforts. I can’t comment on the previous two frogs without more information(such as husbandry and enclosure details) but if you maintained your pixie as long as you did you were doing something right. Remember that many species produce massive amounts of offspring and the majority don’t survive on the wild due to natural pressures. Things can go wrong even under optimal captive conditions though and some frogs will die from natural causes. Don’t get discouraged. Do as much research as you can and hopefully next time around you’ll have better luck.

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