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Thread: Injured gray tree froglet; help please

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    Unhappy Injured gray tree froglet; help please

    Hello all,
    i am new to the frog world but have been raising up and releasing the offspring of copes gray tree frogs which laid their eggs in my garden buckets.
    iIve learned a ton in the last 4 months , in part due to this forum and you guys!
    i have a froglet about the size of a dime that I noticed wasn’t eating even with tweezers and I noticed he/she has an injury with a large red area.- see picture.
    At first I thought it was to the cloaca but it looks like a leg injury (almost like blood under the skin) although he moves it just fine.
    just wondering if there is anything I can do besides sequestering him?
    thank you all!
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