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Thread: Mossy Frogs - Sexing

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    Exclamation Mossy Frogs - Sexing

    I've been caught off guard this week. Recently one of my thought to be male mossy frogs began mounting my other thought to be male mossy frog. I posted a thread on Reddit and most people said they like to cling to one another, but today I noticed the other frog kind of nibbling on the back of the other mossy frog while mounting. Then, I try to separate them and the aggressor would not let go..

    The reason I think they are both males is because they both have nuptial pads, and I thought that's the defining characteristic of a male based on my research. So what do you think, do I have an aggressive male, hoping to drown my other male... Or does my paladarium have a bright future for potential tadpoles?

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