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    Default toad shedding question

    Hi all,

    I may be worrying for a non existent threat but one of my toads has shed and left what I believe to be a small piece of shed the shape of a foot in the tank. Im not sure if one of them didn't eat it while shedding or did eat it and it was digested though their body but anyhow is this of any concern or an early onset of something bad? they all seem to be acting normal and are fat. I'm just asking because I usually see them consume their old skin whole . any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: toad shedding question

    The most logical reason why toads and many frogs in general eat their skin is for the nutrient value. If you keep your toad in good health and fed properly, there will be no need for the toad to eat its shed. Most of my frogs do not eat the shed, so I have to scoop it out.
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    Default Re: toad shedding question

    I personally find that toads in general rarely eat their shed. I've never seen any of my pet toads eat their shed, but my frogs always do.
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    This is interesting as I also rarely see my toads shed due to the fact that there mainly nocturnal but I was always under the impression that toads would eat their old skin like frogs as I have seen my toads making movements that involve wiping the old skin off and what look to be eating the majority of it., but if you guys are also have seen old toad skin within the terrarium then I guess anything is possible with these animals which makes them all the more interesting than frog species that are common kept. I was just scared that the fact that I saw a piece of old skin the shape of a toad foot was a sign of improper shed or a illness

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