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    I have been after oriental fire bellied toads (Bombina Orientalis) for ages and I finally managed to get hold of some babies, they are tiny just 2 cm.I ordered them and had them shipped. They are lovely and healthy I have three bright green ones and one bronze coloured one. The thing I was wondering about is their final colouring. Although they have black markings on their backs they only have a few. All the pictures Iíve seen online have always had loads of black markings on their backs. Mine all have 4 black markings 2 on what I would call their front shoulder blades and 2 near their back legs. Do oriental fire bellied toads get more black markings as they grow.
    Also, as the title says their bellies arenít bright red or orange like Iíve seen, my toads have yellow bellies and one is nearly white. Does the red/orange belly come with time too.
    Im not to worried about it, more curious, they are all healthy and happy so that is what matters most but if anyone knows more about this I would be grateful if you could let me know.

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