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Thread: american toad changing color- green to red?

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    Question american toad changing color- green to red?

    So from what I've gathered, color changes in american toads are totally normal, but I just want to make sure because red is a weird color for my little boy to turn!
    I put some maple leaves I got from my backyard in the toad abode for a little fall-time enrichment, and I think that might be the reason for the change?
    He spent the last couple days in his hide so I only noticed this today when he came out to hunt.
    Name:  HZWuMRY.jpg
Views: 473
Size:  1.82 MB toadbert as his usual green self
    Name:  OQfinkD.jpg
Views: 464
Size:  568.4 KBhe's got a little red spotting around his nose & up beside his eyes and 'sacks

    I'm sure he's just fine cus he's eatin' and soakin' as usual no problems, but I just want to get a second opinion.
    More importantly, I want to know if I keep adding maple leaves will he keep turning red? Because I want that to happen, he looks handsome.

    PS: here he is in his halloween costume!
    Name:  gTThrtH.jpg
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    Default Re: american toad changing color- green to red?

    Everything is just fine. They will adapt their color based on the substrate. I like to add the yellow fall leaves, my lil Billy goes a really bright yellow w\ brown spots.

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