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Thread: Tiny bugs in my tank?

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    Default Tiny bugs in my tank?

    Hi! The past couple times I have gone to clean my WTF's water bowl I have noticed a decent amount of very small brown bugs on the bowl. I have been cleaning them off but I'm not sure what they are or if they are harmful to my frog. I did pick him up to take a look and I didnt see any on him and his skin looks normal. Do you think the bugs are a big concern or should I just do my best to get rid of them when I do a full clean of the tank soon?

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    Default Re: Tiny bugs in my tank?

    I have this issues with my tree frogs due to their wet substrate and some of the wood. Clean out the tank as soon as you get the chance, make sure to boil or sanitize the wood. I wouldn't be too concerned for now, but go ahead and clean everything.
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    Default Re: Tiny bugs in my tank?

    If you can ID the insects first, you'll have a great deal of clarity as to the level of concern they pose. ID'ing them will tell you things like how they came to be in your frog's habitat and from that you can solve the problem. Cleaning is, of course, absolutely necessary even without an infestation but if your substrate or furnishings are the origin of the pests that may not suffice. ID'ing the invaders is the only way to know how to eradicate them.

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