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Thread: Which frogs would be best?

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    Default Which frogs would be best?

    What kind of dart frog would be best for my 20 gallon vertical vivarium? I am a first-time dart frog keeper and a college student (so no Leucs, Phyllobates or Epidobates, sadly). The vivarium is newly build, so it will still be many months before I even consider adding frogs. I am just looking for some help from more experienced froggers.

    Dwarf Tincs
    Pros: large, bold, relatively hardy, 10-20 year lifespan, quiet call
    Cons: territorial, can only live in male-female pairs, tadpoles and froglets must be raised separately, might struggle to utilize vertical space

    I don't have space for multiple vivariums to keep froglets and to separate aggressive frogs, so I am worried about aggressive Tincs are said to be.

    Those who keep dwarf tincs like Bakuis, Oyapocks, or French Guiana Dwarfs, what are their personalities like? Do you see them frequently? How well do they climb?

    Ranitomeya sp.
    Pros: cute, less territorial, can live in groups, parents raise tadpoles, offspring can live with parents once they are large enough
    Cons: tiny, shy, louder call, not as hardy, harder to find

    Those that keep Ranitomeya sp., do you see your frogs often? If you keep larger groups, how do you make sure all of the frogs are okay without tearing apart the vivarium? Do you ever see any aggressive behavior? How loud is the call?
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    Default Re: Which frogs would be best?

    Your setup is lovely but the vertical orientation is really more appropriate for oophaga or ranitomeya. I wouldn’t recommend either genus as a beginner but that’s not to say it’s impossible. As far as the oyapock locale goes they are small but bold. They are considered tough to breed though and I haven’t personally seen one for sale in a few years. Mine is always out and about but she e makes no use of vertical space. Some of the larger tinc locales will climb but it varies among individuals. One of my “Patricia” climbs fairly often and the other does not. A single smaller tinc locale will probably be your best bet.

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    Default Re: Which frogs would be best?

    Thank you for the help. If I installed some large (fake) shelf mushrooms going up one of the sides to create more usable space, do you think the frogs would use them?

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