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Thread: Green frog attacked by a cat

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    Default Green frog attacked by a cat

    I have several juvenile green frogs in a kiddie pool the past few months and on the 4th of September one was attacked by a local stray cat.
    I was able to save him, but he lost his right leg and can no longer "hop", so I have him inside and will keep him as a pet.
    I've had frogs and toads as pets for 10+ years and have nursed dozens of them back to health, but this injury is concerning me bc I'm simply unfamiliar with injuries with this species.
    I have him in a small storage bin full of treated water with large rocks on one side.
    3 days ago I noticed the "stump" was "fuzzy" and I'm not sure if this is part if the healing process or a serious problem.(see pics)

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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