Hello, my frog is inflating? I heard people called it bloating, and his sides are getting "puffy". If i touch it, it's jiggly, as if there is water inside. I think my frog is a male, (Since he croaks sometimes), and I got him some months ago at a nearby petsmart. Is this a normal thing for pacman frogs to do? He has a 10 gallon habitat, enough soil to burrow into, and the soil is moist. The only thing that i don't have yet is a humidifier and a heat mat (which is arriving tomorrow), but i mist him daily, and we keep him in a nice warm room. I feed with the "Pacman Soft Bites", and I feed daily, sometimes every other day. I honestly don't know if I'm feeding him too much or not, so he might just be obese, and he isn't "Bloating".
Any help is appreciated!
Thanks a lot.

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If this is bloating, is there anyway to stop it, or make it better?