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Thread: Baby pacman not eating

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    Default Baby pacman not eating

    hello everyone.

    Ive recently got my first ever pacman frog(i think its an ornate one). Ive gotten him for over a week now and
    he hasn't eaten anything. I offer him food every night but he turns away or closes his eyes. Some people told me
    try and forcefeed him which ive tried but i cant even get his mounth open. Does anyone has any ideas.
    He is in a 40cmx40cmx40cm, with a 5-8cm coconut fiber layer a waterbowl and some hiding spots.
    I spray him everyday, humidity is 50-75 and temp is during the day 24-26 celcius and night 21-23celcius.
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    Default Re: Baby pacman not eating

    Maybe its stressed, maybe give it time to set to it's new enclosure and try to feed again,

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