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Thread: Baby clawed frog keeps getting bloated

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    Question Baby clawed frog keeps getting bloated

    Hello everyone. I currently have 4 baby clawed frogs, each about an inch in length. About two weeks ago, one of them got bloated, so I gave it a bath in Epsom salt for one hour every day and then it went away in four days. Fast forward to today, and the same frog is bloated again, I can tell because it is a bit darker and larger than the others. This is likely not an issue with water parameters because I do 50% water changes every week.
    Right now I added a bit of epsom salt and Stress Coat+ to the tank water, and will do the salt baths again starting tomorrow.
    I read somewhere that someone's clawed frog developed bloat, but it went away in a month and the frog was fine. Is there any truth to this? And why does this specific frog keep getting bloated? I don't feed bloodworms, only pellets, so I can't think of any reason why it is other than infection.

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