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Thread: Is my Pac bloated/too fat?

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    Question Is my Pac bloated/too fat?

    Hello everyone!

    To start off, I am by no means a frog expert, reptiles is where my expertise lies. My frog, to my knowledge, is supposed to be about 6-8 months.

    A couple of days before, I've noticed that my pac got a little bit puffier than he/she really is (I don't know its sex , seems to be a female though, there are no spots on its fingers anywhere).

    Other than looking a tad bigger than usual, I haven't noticed any other troubling symptoms.

    He/she eats (mostly nightcrawlers, sometimes the HIKARI Pac Attack pellets), poops, burrows without any problems, doesn't have any issues with moving, is fairly active and responsive to movement (if it makes any sense), its sides are soft.

    Thank you everyone for any input in advance.

    Best wishes,
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    Default Re: Is my Pac bloated/too fat?


    Looks like your frog could be holding water. Have you tried soaking in warm water to see if it just needs to urinate? It is normal for them to store water in their blatter and may look bloated sometimes when full. Edema on the other hand can be a sign of serious issues. If the frog feels like it is full of fluid try and see if the frog changes after urination. If the frog still appears to have fluid retention, but is baggy with noticeable fluid movement in the body cavity, it is most likely edema which can be a sign of kidney or liver disease.

    You should probably provide some information about how you're caring for the animal such as climate levels and whether you treat your frog's water with a conditioner like ReptiSafe ect just to make sure everything is on track.

    Get the frog to urinate and go from there.

    Best Regards

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