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Thread: Opinions needed on medical issue

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    Default Re: Opinions needed on medical issue

    I appreciate hearing everyone's advice and experiences! I love my 3 little toadlets to death and want to do what's right for them to live a long and healthy life. Information from multiple sources definitely helps me to make informed decisions.

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    Default Re: Opinions needed on medical issue

    Quote Originally Posted by toadfriend View Post
    I totally respect your experience and good intentions. Gut-loading feeders is not a bad thing. It's a good thing. I just think supplements are good too. I've had my say. Folks can read the links and make up their own minds.
    I don't mean to come off as harsh in any way to you. I look forward to your input and I was in no way trying to offend you. I apologise if I did.

    After looking at your sources and my study I came to this conclusion. I believe the gutload is the best decision. I think that the tetrafauna repto cal is good to use as it was also recorded from my study and there was referencing of other supplements in all the sources. You can use this and gutload. I also think adding in things like the crested gecko diet and etc from repashy to the gutload is very beneficial. Instead of dusting this stuff (supplements) can be added to the gutload like the repto cal and the crickets could already have both in their system. I think the common ground I can accept is you can use your supplements and add them to the gutload as food for the crickets. That way it's still a common ground and both have a place.

    I have to say I actually do use repto cal in my gutload and add fish food and birdseed sometimes. It makes the crickets eat more and they have the nutrition already inside them. I of course provide calcium gel as water so they don't dehydrate.

    Hopefully this response can help others with this question.

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