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Thread: How do i help a pacman frog in estivation

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    Default How do i help a pacman frog in estivation

    hi, im a fairly new pacman frog owner, my pacman frog ziggy hasnt eaten or woken up in about 4 weeks now. the last thing i had fed him was a pinkie rat, he is still breathing and responding to it if i touch his feet, but i am starting to notice him get a little skinny.

    i was told by a friend that he could be in estivation, after doing research i figured out he could be in estivation because his living place wasnt good enough, so i moved him into a bigger tank, and im going to start giving him a day/night light schedule.

    im just wondering if theres anything else i can do to help him wake up so i can feed him, im really worried hes going to end up starving to death. and what should i do once he does wake up

    1. Size of enclosure: 20 gal
    2. # of inhabitants - specifically other frogs and size differences: just ziggy
    3. Humidity: i spray him once or twice a day, i dont know the exact humidity level
    4. Temperature: used to be room temperature, just put a light in to make it about 80
    5. Water - type: i use distilled water for both soaking and spritzing
    6. Materials used for substrate: coconut substrate
    7. Enclosure set up i.e. plants (live or artificial), wood, bark and other materials: so far i only have coconut substrate and a dish for him to soak, i am planning on getting some moss and other things for him to hide in.
    8. Main food source: pinkies and crickets
    9. Vitamins and calcium? (how often): i dust both the crickets and pinkies with calcium, i didnt know he needed other vitamins except for vitamin D
    10. Lighting: a 15 watt florescent light
    11. What is being used to maintain the temperature of the enclosure: i was told the light would add enough heat
    12. When is the last time he/she ate: 4 weeks ago
    13. Have you found poop lately: no because he hasnt eaten
    14. A pic would be helpful including frog and enclosure (any including cell phone pic is fine)
    15. Describe frog's symptoms and/or recent physical changes; to include it's ventral/belly area: he seems to be getting skinnier, and he sometimes lifts his head up to breath kind of funny
    16. How old is the frog: i got him from another owner who didnt know his age, so id say maybe about a year old?
    17. How long have you owned him/her: about 3 months
    18. Is the frog wild caught or captive bred: captive bred
    19. Frog food- how often and if it is diverse, what other feeders are used as treats: i fed it a pinkie once every week, and crickets when he would chirp at me for food
    20. How often the frog is handled: not very often because i know they can absorb toxins from my skin
    21. Is the enclosure kept in a high or low traffic area
    22. Describe enclosure maintenance (water changes, cleaning, etc): i scoop out his poop and replace the coconut substrate every month, and replace the water every time he soaks
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    Default Re: How do i help a pacman frog in estivation

    If you want to wake him up but him in an empty container and put about an inch of water in it. then spray him for about 5 to 10 minutes

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    Default Re: How do i help a pacman frog in estivation

    You need to stop using distilled water for soaking and substrate expansion. It's for misting only because it lacks any mineral content and can leech electrolytes from the frog.

    Use de-chlorinated tap water or spring water.

    Warm soak to wake the frog. You can do it in the frog's water dish if the frog is not used to being bathed outside the enclosure. Frog should shed it's skin and either a couple hours later or the next day should be fed.

    You may need more than that fluorescent light for heat. They do not emit enough to warm the enclosure if kept on a relatively cool room.

    Keep is posted.

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