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Thread: Cohabing different tree frogs?

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    Default Cohabing different tree frogs?

    So I recently got 2 Mexican dumpy frogs from a reptile expo. I went intending to get whites tree frogs but couldnít find any and found these 2 cute guys instead. We didnít notice till later on but one of the frogs was very sick and died the next day sadly. The other frog seems to be doing great, but soon after we were in a pet store and saw some whites tree frogs that were the same size so we brought 2 more home. All 3 are being housed together and seem to be doing very well together. Since their care is exactly the same and they get to be the same size as adults I figured they would do well today but Iím not 100% sure because there is no information about cohabing out there so I just wanted to get some peoples opinions.

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    Default Re: Cohabing different tree frogs?

    the difficult thing about both species is that one could potentially be wild and carry parasites that could affect the other. Depending on how serious the person at the reptile expo is maybe they did truly breed the Mexican dumpy frog butt usually they are wild-caught to the best of my knowledge. A whites tree frog is probably captive-bred what could potentially be wild caught from a pet store. So there is a 50-50 chance that you have 3 wild frogs right now. I would definitely quarantine the two frogs you got together and the Mexican frog. If you can get a vet check just to make sure they are all healthy that would probably be the best way to go. Then you can talk to the vet and ask their opinion. I don't necessarily think it's a good idea because even though they are very similar the whites tree frog compared to the Mexican tree frog could potentially require different habitats like humidity and temperature. UVB exposure can also be something serious because whites tree frogs benefit from having UVB regardless on what people say. Who knows if the Mexican dumpy tree frogs benefit from having a UVB source? The only kind of a tree frog that has been known to work with the whites tree frog is a species called the white lipped tree frog from the tropical rainforest of Australia and parts of Indonesia. They are the closest relative to the whites tree frog. The only reason why the cohabitation works between those two is because the white-lipped tree frog is the largest species of tree frog in the world and the whites tree frog is the third largest species of tree frog in the world. So basically nobody can eat each other. They also recognize between their species. I'm not sure if they would attempt to eat each other or if they would live peacefully. Whites tree frogs are one of the few social frog species in the world especially for tree frogs which is why they probably seem to be doing well. The problem is once the whites tree frogs get bigger they might attempt to eat the Mexican tree frogs. That would be a top concern as well as the toxins potentially carried by the Mexican tree frog. I would think researching a little bit more on that species could give you your answer but from owning a whites tree frog for a bit of time my first response would be no. I hope that this helps you.

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