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    I have a 1/2 inch toad currently in a 10 gallon, with some coconut fiber bedding, water bowls, etc. he has been doing really well lately, but I just have some questions to guarantee Iím on the right track. First off all, he has been spending a fair amount of time in his water dish the last week or so. I assumed I was just slacking on the humidity, so I have started misting it more regularly. Hopefully that helps. My other observation is that his skin is now slightly lighter in certain parts of his body (behind eyes, legs). Is this just him growing up? Something to be worried about? He is a feisty eater, and overall active.

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    Mine soak regularly, it's normal and fine as long as the water is replaced everyday. I keep humidity at 50-65 in the day and raise it up significantly at night, sometimes a light misting in the morning. Color change seems to be normal as they grow, but there can be other factors too. Mine have definitely changed quite a bit in appearance as they are growing.

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