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Thread: New to forum. Pacman frog sexing/age questions

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    Default New to forum. Pacman frog sexing/age questions

    I know this is probably an overasked question, but I was wondering if I could get input on determining the sex or possibly the age of my pacman frog. I've never owned a frog before, but I lost my pet barred tiger salamander to liver failure (according to the vet) a while ago and have been wanting another amphibian since. I got this one from a petstore. I know it's an ornate, but this is all the info I have other than it was clearly the largest of the little ones available (aside from an older, fairly chonky albino). I know it's an ornate, but that's all the info I have. When the employee went to take it out for me to look at, little one went right after her hand.

    The enclosure is currently a medium-sized kritter keeper. Have 2 inches or so of eco-earth, small amount of moss in one corner, and a shallow water bowl. Half the top is covered to hold humidity, and I lightly mist the tank once or twice a day accordingly. Ambient temp is approx 84-85. Each day I've been feeding it 1-2 nightcrawlers (supplemented in multivitamin, as well as calcium), which are gobbled down in seconds and without issue.

    This is a picture of him/her when we got home (looked very small, mostly mouth):
    Name:  67876311_442285223292767_8514043056750592000_n.jpg
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    And four days later:

    Name:  67782549_2415119728776159_6863301728339492864_n.jpg
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    The first of these two better represents the actual change in size so far. Second is just a better shot of the front.

    Got girthy...real fast.

    Probably too soon to say?

    My boyfriend has a male that started croaking between 4-5 months of age. Haven't heard any croaking yet, and don't know how old this one is, if its even possible to tell.

    By the way, of course I also welcome any advice, or suggestions. To be honest, I am hoping it's female. Do certain species show a trend of getting on the larger side more readily? Or is this determined primarily by age and diet? Thanks!

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    Default Re: New to forum. Pacman frog sexing/age questions


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