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Thread: How do you feed your frogs? Bugs are too fast :(

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    Angry How do you feed your frogs? Bugs are too fast :(

    I've had my African Bullfrog Honeydew for about a month, and he's grown so fast (age unknown, but he's about 2 inches long). He's already graduated from lots of extra small crickets to large ones.

    My issue: with small crickets, he'd eat them right out of the forceps, and they crawl more than hop, so he easily ate them off a plate I set in his enclosure. Now, the crickets move really fast and jump quite high, so they run away before my frog notices they're in front of his face. He won't eat them out of the forceps either.

    I don't want to just release crickets in his enclosure because he eats a lot of substrate if I just let them on the ground. I tried picking him up and putting him in a separate container to eat, but he immediately freaked out and scrambled trying to escape, ignoring all the crickets.

    He needs something with more bones, I've been feeding him solely superworms and his stools are getting loose. How do you all deal with this?

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    Default Re: How do you feed your frogs? Bugs are too fast :(

    Are you in a place where Dubia roaches are legal? They're slow-moving, they don't jump, they're easy to culture and gutload, and they're more nutritionally complete/less chitinous than crickets. If not, nightcrawlers are a great staple food, especially if you dust with calcium.

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