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Thread: safe way to preserve small logs with central holes for tree frogs

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    Default safe way to preserve small logs with central holes for tree frogs


    i had to rescue some pseudacris tadpoles that were spawned in an old wheelbarrow... some died before i got to them in the hot/humid days of tn.... the ones i saved are doing really well and close to being released....

    i want to build an outdoor habitat for them. i have some lovely small logs that have central holes in them that i want to use... would it be safe to try to preserve them first with glycerin or something or would it just be safest to use them untouched for my baby froglets???


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    Default Re: safe way to preserve small logs with central holes for tree frogs

    I wouldn’t add any preservatives at all. I’d also try to identify what species of tree the logs are from as well. Avoid pines and cedars.

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