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Thread: Adding a whites tree frog

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    Default Adding a whites tree frog

    I have 4 whites tree frogs which I have had for about 9 months now. One lives on his own as he was a bit smaller and one of the others tried to eat his head one day so I set him up in a tank on his own. He has grown now, he is slightly smaller still than the others but not by very much. A few weeks back I bought a new frog who has been in a quarantine tank on his own but I would like to put this frog with the one who is on his own. Will my original frog accept the new one into his home or could there be problems. I don't know if there could be any aggresion from my older frog after living on his own.
    Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Adding a whites tree frog

    As I never had any answers to this post I thought I would put up an update in case anyone else had a similar situation.
    I put my two frogs in their feeding box together first to see what they made of each other so that if there was any aggression it would be easier to grab them out of there than it would be in the tank. I introduced them and they just kind of looked at each other for a while. I left them for about 10 minutes then as there was no reaction from either frog I went ahead and put them in the tank. once in the tank the original frog started to watch the new frogs movements and I thought at first that there could be a problem but I just left them alone and kept an eye on them.
    Luckily there was no aggression and at first they just did their own thing but over the last few days they have started sitting together in the same spot. They now love sitting together on their ledge.

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