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Thread: White's Treefrog Sleeping With One Eye Open?!

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    Default White's Treefrog Sleeping With One Eye Open?!

    Been noticing this off and on for the last 2 days, he can blink it just fine but he's been keeping that eye open while sleeping, usually his eyelids halfway shut and his eyes look clouded, the first 2 weeks I had him I kept waking him up and disturbing him cause he seriously looked sick and like he was breathing funny, but over the 2 years I've had him I've realized that's just how he looks when he sleeps!

    One eye open is new though he usually shuts -both- eyes, this started 2-3 days ago, at least that's when I noticed! Is this anything to fret over? Like I said he blinks it if I give him a soft mist so its not like unresponsive or anything! I'm so confused and worried. ):

    He doesn't appear to be sick (He is brown a lot but its been like that for 2 years, if it was Parasites I think it'd have taken down his immune system by now or something!), he's as veraciously hungry as ever and I saw him double jump the other day, it was new! He looked like Pikachu from Smash Bros using Agility! He went from his dish, to the middle branch and as soon as he landed on that branch to the TOP branch. I was in awe, I literally thought he was too fat to move like that anymore!

    My sticky buddies are literally like my children to me!

    I had my first mishap yesterday and my -new- whites got a bump on the nose somehow (I think I got him with my tank lid, he was hanging out in a REALLY bad spot and I knew it too...) so he's got a couple owwies on his nose/mouth I have to keep an eye on for at least a week. I -think- they're just mild bruises. ):

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    Default Re: White's Treefrog Sleeping With One Eye Open?!

    Frogs sleeping with their eyes partly open is pretty common. Most likely nothing to worry about.

    If his eyes are clouded when he sleeps but not when he's awake it just means he's using his 3rd eyelid!

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    Default Re: White's Treefrog Sleeping With One Eye Open?!

    Hi, my frog has the same problem where he slept with one eye open. How did leaving it do? Is he better now? Or what did you do to help him?

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