Last week we managed to find some toad tadpoles in a puddle on the side of a highway. There puddle was starting to evaporate due to lack of rain and gasoline was starting to accumulate inside. We took 17 of them and put them in a cooler with water and a sand beach and rock. So far 9 have climbed out of the water. We let 6 go back in to the wild and kept 3 but one of them died. 5 others died before managing to get out of the water and there are 2 left with barely any legs and still swimming around. The two we kept that are still alive are not eating at all. They are pretty active jumping around and trying to get out of the container. Theyíre in a plastic container the size of a human hand with a wet paper towel as a bottom and a tiny water dish which they occasionally sit and a leaf to hide under. One of them hatched yesterday and the other hatched a day before. Iíve tried to give them tiny ants but they get scared of them if an ant crawls in them or touches them in any way. Is this normal? Is it just because they are so brand new? They donít have any tail at all. Also I canít go out and buy anything, Iím in a remote area of Ontario Canada (muskoka)