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Thread: Bright yellow southern toad? (Bufo terrestris)

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    Question Bright yellow southern toad? (Bufo terrestris)

    Since recently received a couple of southern toads from a backwater Reptiles, and they seem to have arrived in good health. But over the course of a few days, one of the toads turned BRIGHT yellow, with black/dark brown stripes. It’s not a color I’ve ever seen in a southern toad and I’m worried about the little guy.

    As far as I know, they’re both female. They’re in a 20 gal tank, temps get as low as 68 degrees F at night on the cool side and as high as 75 F on the warm side during the day. Humidity never gets below 50%. They’ve got about 4 inches of eco earth to burrow into, a water dish large enough for both of them to soak in, a hide, and some fake pothos for cover. I’ve been feeding calcium crickets and superworms.

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