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Thread: White Spots on my ACF

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    Default White Spots on my ACF

    Hi everyone. I'm not sure what is going on with my ACF. She had a small white spot on her a couple of weeks ago and now there are a couple of them. I was away for the week and just got back from vacation so the spots are very noticeable now. Any idea what they are and what to do about them? I noticed her activity level is down a little bit from where it was a few weeks ago.

    Just to give a little background, she is about 4 years old now and lives with two other ACF in a 55 gallon aquarium with 4 blue gouramis. They've never had any issues getting along so they've always been together. I am also having a separate issue with algae growing on the sand a few weeks after cleaning the tank. I only run the lights about 5 hours ago and it still happens. My only thought is maybe the LEDs are too strong and allowing the algae to grow. Thanks to anyone with suggestions. I tested the water and the nitrate and nitrite seem to be in normal range.
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    Default White Spots on my ACF

    I have some white spots showing up at the back of my aquarium. There are probably 80 or so of them. They are pretty spread out and not clustered. At first I thought maybe they were just kicked up sand but last night I went to scrub them and they would not come off. I googled it and it said that they were harmless. I also have a planted tank with snails and they look like the white eggs snails leave on the glass. Any ideas?

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