I recently got some FBTs (3). They're a late birthday present from my mom (that's almost a year late but! I love them and honestly I have a better paying job now so this was really convenient).

I've had fire bellies before, but that was years ago back when I was in elementary school (also maybe middle school?) and my mom was their primary caretaker along with some other frogs that had their own tanks spread out across the house. So its been a little while since I've had frogs, and I've never been their main caretaker. I've had them for almost a week which means I've hit the 'am i a good frog parent/caretaker' stage and am worrying my butt off about whether I'm taking good care of my toads (especially considering, I think, I watched one of my smaller toads eat a rock today...cue instant panic)

I've got them housed in a 10 gallon tank with a primarily water set up that slopes up to the land bowl that contains moss and a live plant my mom helped me pick out as well as two pieces of drift wood that sit in the water section. (I'm planning on getting a plant for the water section as soon as I can, they came in a bit earlier than we were expecting and don't live near my family).

I just wanna double check that I'm taking care of them and not like hurting them through ignorance.
1.So I've been feeding them daily, some places say to do that but others say once or twice a week, which one is better.?
2. I have small, but not super small rocks and I like them but considering Capone ate a rock today (i think) should I switch it to something else? should I put down a plant over them and if so what kind of plant would be best? if I switch to rocks bigger than their mouths would that be better? I looked around to see what type of flooring would be best but its really mixed and I'm freaking out a little.
3. I think my frog swallowed a rock and the most recent thing I could find about this was from 2008 on caudata and a 2012 post here in a thread that wasn't about frogs eating rocks and I'm a bit nervous to be honest. I don't want to handle him to check to see if it actually was a rock in case it stresses him out, but he's been hoping around. I'm gonna check tomorrow if he's lethargic and stuff and if he is I'm gonna check his stomach. My mom said he would be fine, but its been a while since she's had frogs.
4. I've been thinking about getting some kind of baby filter for the tank, but I'm not sure where to start looking and I don't want something that's going to be too strong... (hence baby)
5. my mom said I dont need a temp reader, but I live in virginia and its humid and I have an AC unit in the room they're in. I don't keep the window unit on all the time and I'm worried that it might be getting to warm or not warm enough... Thats said do I need to get a timer for the light? I work from 8:30 to 5 and I'm a coach at one of the local schools so I'm worried about them having a real system for their cycles.
6. I'm feeding them crickets, but if I wanted to give them a treat what should I feed them? I've seen suggestions for meal worms and guppies, but I wanted to check

I'm willing to send pics of the tank and of the frogs as well!

I just wanted to check to make sure I'm taking care of them right so please give me any useful tips if you have them or answer one of the questions!
Thank you for any help you might have and sorry for the long post!