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Thread: How loud do they get?

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    Default How loud do they get?

    Hi !

    I have some slightly weird questions about these adorable creatures, but first some background information:

    I live in an apartment so I obviously have neighbors, but I don´t usually hear them so, I wouldn’t say that there´s especially thin walls or anything like that. I´ve heard my neighbor’s tv like once or twice in the past few years and I do sometimes hear them moving some furniture (or something like that). Other than that, I don´t hear them at all.

    I´ve already got a Pacman frog but I´ve wanted an African bullfrog for the longest time. I´ve recently found a beautiful and enormous giant African bullfrog male (he´s about twenty centimeters/just shy of eight inches in diameter, according to the current owner) and I´ve been told that he sometimes croaks and that it sounds a bit like a cow. I would love to buy this “big chunk of a frog” but in order to make a final decision (to buy or not to buy); I need to know the answer to my weird questions (below).

    How loud can these frogs get? How far does their croaking sounds travel (will it “go through the walls” and annoy my neighbors)? What I mean is; could my neighbors hear the frog croaking at night, and do I risk getting noise complaints due to weird cow sounds nightly?

    I´m not particularly worried about being disturbed by the noise myself (I´m rather used to noises since I´ve got a small parrot, small dogs and suffer from tinnitus), but I wouldn´t like risking eviction, because a pet of mine is making noises during the night.

    Thank you in advance for any and all input!


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    Default Re: How loud do they get?

    My African Bullfrog only makes his cow noise every once in a while and I can hear it if my apartment is completely quiet (no TV, AC, cooking, etc.) and I'm in the area his house is in. I've seen those videos of African Bullfrogs (and other types) screaming but I've never seen one do that in real life and I don't imagine it would happen unless the frog was terrified and/or becoming very defensive due to provocation. Your neighbors definitely won't hear it.

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