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Thread: Can firebellied toads be fully terrestial

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    Default Can firebellied toads be fully terrestial

    This is a question from my dad who has just decked out a 20 gallon bioactive tank. It has many bog plants and so the soil stays constantly wet (but not saturated thanks to the false bottem). There is also a misting system, that goes off every hour. Humidity is high.

    My question is

    Do firebelly toads need a large water feature. Or can they just have a water bowl? Do you think some would do well in my dads tank?

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    Default Re: Can firebellied toads be fully terrestial

    When I had a a fire belly toad (it died yesterday RIP) I kept in in a 30% land and 70% water setup. The setup you described sounds like the toads could get by but from my experience they enjoy spending most of their time floating in the water. Because of that, I suggest at least get a large and around 2 inch deep water dish for them to hang out in. Good luck!

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