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Thread: Can anyone help me identify these tadpoles?

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    Question Can anyone help me identify these tadpoles?

    Can anyone help me idetify these tadpoles? We found them in our pool already hatched while we were cleaning it out, this was around 2 - 3 months ago. Before that we did see the eggs floating on the surface of the water but we didn't think much of it. The eggs were small round orbs surrounded in a clear jelly-like substance. They weren't piled on top of each other either they were spread evenly. I live in Central Florida and I'm fearful that they are the invasive Cuban Tree Frog. So if anyone can help me identify them I would really appreciate it. Also, if they are Cuban Tree Frogs does anyone know what I can do with them since it is illegal to realease them into the wild?

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    Tadpoles are hard to ID. They look different to the cubans I have raised which were darker all over.

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    Default Re: Can anyone help me identify these tadpoles?

    I'm late replying here, but just in case anyone comes back to this thread looking for information the lateral eyes do indicate that they are probably in the tree frog family. The USGS tadpole field guide document is really helpful.

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