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    Iím at my wits end with this. I have a whites tree frog, heís about 8 years old.
    Several months ago he began to not eat and had difficulty shedding. I thought it was humidity issues because I live in a particularly dry climate so I bumped it up and hoped it would help but it only grew worse. Eventually I researched and found chytrid to be likely. I separated his tankmate and deep cleaned his tank and put him on paper towels and began a lamisil soak treatment.

    A month later and that has done nothing. I found him almost dead from how thin and shriveled he appeared. I have gotten him by with constant soaks to remove the skin and force feedings of wax worms and pedialyte soaks. I donít have an exotic vet near me currently, but I can probably relocate in a few months to a bigger city where I know an exotic vet can see him.

    This morning his poop was bright green and yellowish. He also randomly turned brown with neon green spots twice, though hes normally dark brown or bluish green. If itís not chytrid, could it be bacterial or a parasite? I really need help, if to at least hold him over until I can move closer to a vet.

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