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Thread: One frog hogging all the food

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    Default One frog hogging all the food

    I have 4 small pacific tree frogs in a bioactive enclosure that seem quite happy and healthy but the one issue I have run into is that one of the four frogs (appropriately named Circle) is a huge food hog. He is a bully when it comes to food and eats more that is fair share. He is a little overweight but the other three are not. Iím trying to figure out the best solution. Itís pretty much impossible to tong feed with the small prey they eat (fruit flies, bean Beatles, pinhead crickets and flour beetle larve). I think I need to either need to put them into individual containers to feed or I need to remove Circle when I feed the other 3 but am worried about the amount of handling (know itís not good for them so try to minimize it even with clean hands) and stress this would involve and wonder if itís healthier to just leave them be. Any advice, especially if you have experienced something similar, would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: One frog hogging all the food

    The best solution would be to give Circle his or her own enclosure.

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    Default Re: One frog hogging all the food

    Just give it his/her own enclosure.
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