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Thread: Whites Don't Like Me

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    Hey all,

    I currently have 2 WTFs in a 45x60x90 viv. Humidity lingers around 50%, and temperatures between 70 and 85. Both my frogs seem pretty healthy - not too chunky, not too thin.

    I'm curious though - I see other people with Whites and they're crazy. They jump at them, try to swallow fingers, seem genuinely playful. However mine just completely ignore me, for the most part. They won't move around if the lights are on, so I only ever see them active if I'm sitting in the dark (which I'm not too concerned about, but I /do/ see videos of active, playful frogs in fairly well lit rooms). They've never had any interest in being hand fed.
    I tend not to pick them up or interact with them much, is it possible that they're "unfriendly" because I'm /too/ distant?

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    Default Re: Whites Don't Like Me

    Ours love to sit in your hand because it is warm.

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