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Thread: Does all living things ( from petsmart) brand green moss have dyes or use fertilizers in it?

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    Default Does all living things ( from petsmart) brand green moss have dyes or use fertilizers in it?

    So I got some moss for my toads for my birthday. The brand is all living things, which is from Petsmart. Its called green moss, and looks EXTREMELY green. I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of this moss and if they use dyes in it or fertilizer. Also, anothere off topic question if anyone can help me, how do you plant plants in a terrarium? Like can I put the plants in the coco fiber dirt? Or do I need to buy special dirt that doesnt have the white specks in it. If the latter, can someone link to me the dirt or what its usually called? I can't seem to find that answer anywhere, and I will appreciate it very much! If anyone wants any pictures of the toads let me know and Ill upload them!

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