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Thread: Bugs in enclosure! Help!

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    I love my pacman frog dearly, he means the world to me! Hes like my baby. This is also my first time owning a frog. I have no isopods or springtails in the tank. No real plants either. I got home earlier and saw a light brown bug flying around inside and a few incredibly tiny white bugs crawling on the tank walls. I would take a picture of the tiny bugs but theyre too small for a photo. I also haven't seen anything unusual on my frog and he has been acting fine. I'm still really worried! I took him out of the enclosure and put him in an appropriate substitute one for now. I've been considering a bioactive enclosure, there is an expo in two weeks where i plan on purchasing the items.

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    Could have flown in when you weren't looking, or found its way in

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    Default Re: Bugs in enclosure! Help!

    Sounds like mites. Occasionally you'll get substrate that has them or they find their way into the enclosure from somewhere else. Even from feeders like crickets carrying them in unnoticed.

    You'll have to remove everything and clean it. Throw out the soil and replace it with new. Bath the frog and rinse it off to make sure none of the mites are hiding on it. Check any furniture as well. Even the water dish.

    Should be fine. They were most likely harmless soil mites.

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