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Thread: Are these green tree frogs?

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    Default Are these green tree frogs?

    Hi everyone,
    I have 2 frogs that I was told are both green tree frogs but they look completely different to each other and google isnít helping me identify them. Is there anyone here who could help me please? One is the typical green colour and size but with completely black eyes and the other is slightly smaller and changes from dark olive green with white spots to brown with white spots and the eyes are golden with black slits. She can change colour multiple times in a day where the typical green one never changes colour. Theyíre both the coolest things! So fascinating and friendly.
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    Default Re: Are these green tree frogs?

    They're both so cute! Yes, they're Australian green tree frogs, also known as White's or dumpy tree frogs. I believe the spotted one is considered a "snowflake" type. Eye dilation will change.
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    Default Re: Are these green tree frogs?

    these are Australian whites tree frogs aka Australian dumpy tree frogs or Australian green tree frogs

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