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Thread: Please help: new cane toad not eating

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    Unhappy Please help: new cane toad not eating

    Hi everyone,

    I recently decided to home a cane toad that was living in the reptile lab at my University. He was not being cared for in a way I felt sufficient and seemed very sad. My professor agreed to let me care for the toad. I did a bunch of research on cane toads and set up a nicer tank for him (pictures attached for constructive criticism).

    He ate the first week I took him back, but since then he has stopped. I have tried giving him worms, slugs, beetles, and moths. He seems to have no interest in food. I've reached out to my professor but he doesnt seem to have a solution except to keep trying. My next option is to going to a vet. In the mean time, I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what to do? I really care for this little guy and I want him to thrive.
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