​ Im Samantha, obsessively in love with Toads and Frogs my entire life, { never had a wart }
I have a Big Boy African Bullfrog about 6in now for around 5 years, His name is Fluffy I adore him.
I usually keep a toad or two through end of summer till warm spring, fatten them up for a good year to come,
doing that for 6-7 years has "I like to believe.." increased the population around my place, for the first 3 years i never had a toad on the porch or seen one around at all! I hated that and missed them so much, So when i came across one, I went to {weird girl
extremes} kept it for a few days, lots of food, and kindness and let it go at night under the back porch light and tossed it crickets...and 3-4 times a week after that for years, now they come all the time and so many tiny babies and teens to now I have a deep affection for all nature but toads have a special place in my heart.