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Thread: Inherited a Pacific Tree Frog questions

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    Default Inherited a Pacific Tree Frog questions

    Hey guys, first time poster here, I inherited a Pacific Tree Frog from a buddy of mine, I've had frogs in the past but I'll admit it's been 20 or so years since I've had them. I got him setup in a 10 gallon tank with about an inch of substrate (moss) along with a couple of branches, a log to hide under, and a big water bowl. My question, do you guys know of anywhere where I might be able to purchase a couple more? I know that they're social animals so I feel kinda guilty keeping him alone in there. I've found a couple places that sell tadpoles but I don't really want to get 30 of them, plus I'm not really setup to raise them. The closest frogs I've found to the Pacific Tree Frog are the run of the mill Green Tree Frog, though their habitats seem to vary a bit so I don't know if you could really raise them together, since the general green tree frogs seem to need a pretty constant source of heat, whereas the Pacific's are comfortable in the 50-70 degree range. So I'm just wondering what you guys might suggest doing. Any info would be GREATLY appreciated!


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