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    Hello Everyone,

    my ADF are in a tank with a fish that has Ick. Iíve read online that Iím supposed to raid the water temp to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. That kinda high for my amphibious friends. Has anyone done this before? Is it safe, and what stress signs should I look for?

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    I highly doubt that your frog will get ick. A healthy ACF has an effective slime coat in it skin that is designed to prevent many types of disease. However, I suggest that you remove the frog from the fish tank and keep it in its own tank. When you treat the fish, you must remove the frog. The copper based chemicals in the ick treatment is harmful to frogs.
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    I didn’t use any meds. For the most part, meds are EXTREMELY hard to get.

    I did end up beating it by raising the temp to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and hooking up a UVC filter. According to my LFS, the temperature change alone could have treated it.

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