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    Hi there guys! So I'm trying to figure out some extra heating for my pacman frog Button who is very hard to get to eat these days and I'm pretty sure it has to do with temperature. My crazy family likes to keep our house pretty cool, even in the upper 50s in winter when we go to bed. I do have space heater in my main terrarium room which has variable results and sucks up a huge amount of electricity so this is a pretty regular struggle. I've had him since November of 2014 and I would guess he's around 6 years old so maybe his body is just slowing down and I've heard they live 5-15 years so maybe he's just approaching the end stages of his life if he's destined to live the lower end of the lifespan but this has been a problem for about the past two years. He's gone on long hunger strikes and is currently on one now. You guys have given me some great advice about that in the past so I really think it must be a heating problem of some sort because otherwise I've done what you all have suggested. He lives in a 10 gallon tank with a screen lid that I put some plastic wrap over to hold in the moisture and filled with unfertilized potting soil, some plastic plants or two and a rock. He currently spends most of his time buried underground. The only extra warmth for him right now is a heating pad stuck to the back of the tank and it certainly does make it a little warmer in there but I guess it's still not enough. Some members on the forum here once told be that if I used a heat lamp it would hurt his eyes so I currently don't use one. I also have a ceramic heat emitter laying around that doesn't give off any light and is otherwise a powerful heat source for terrariums. I'd use that and I do have a spare fixture I can screw it into but I feel like it would dry out his substrate like crazy and it would definitely get very dry in there anyway if I removed the plastic wrap for the light fixture. It's actually quite dry up here in all seasons and I find that for my tropical and subtropical species like my tomato frogs, dart frogs and Button here that if I don't cover the lid with plastic I have to mist like crazy several times a day, sometimes once every two hours or so. What do you guys think I should do? How to I make it really warm in there without drying everything out? I even tried taking him outside the other day because it was humid and in the 80s and that didn't improve his appetite at all. He refused the nightcrawlers I tried to give him out there.

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