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Thread: Young (5-7cm) WTF has air in his tummy..

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    Unhappy Young (5-7cm) WTF has air in his tummy..

    Hi all my whites tree frog ate heaps of mealworms (all 3 frogs food, partner fed them to help me out while Iím sick and didnít realise Gerald is a pig and wonít let the others eat sometimes or that the mealworms werenít for them). He went really round quick but after 2-3 days of close watching to see if it was bloat or full tummy and he reduced in roundness, however my concern today is when I had him out for a while when he was moving around it appeared there was a little bit of a air like bubble moving around (skin looked see through like their croaking skin where it moved) and Iím not sure what to do/if I need to do anything at all cause I just want to help the little guy heís sadly also my favourite cause he likes me. Iím new to owning frogs and I got the three of them Easter Sunday and never had a issue with any of them yet except for now. He is still happy to move around, bask and bath as far as Iíve seen and was a good, happy boi when out too.
    Photos are grid: top fist day, bottom yesterday. Other one: screenshot of vid taken to show bubble like thing. (Isnít allowing me to put more than I have on)
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    Default Re: Young (5-7cm) WTF has air in his tummy..

    HI, Firstly i will start by saying I am by no means an expert, I have had my 4 whites tree frogs since September 2018 so around nine months but to me your frog looks OK.
    If I am correct I think mealworms are supposed to be used sparingly as an occasional treat because of their hard outer body makes them hard to digest so perhaps that has bloated him out. One of my four looks exactly like yours, all plump and round, he has done since the day I got him but he has always been happy and healthy.
    As for the bubble under the skin I cant see what you mean by your pictures but if you mean it is literally just under the skin I have seen this on mine a few times and it has been where they are about to shed their skin. The air bubble kind of slides about under the skin.
    As for their food I give mine mostly crickets and they get earthworm and the occasional waxworms. I haven't tried frozen pinkies yet but again they are to be fed as an occasional treat as they can make your frog overweight.
    Hope this helps a little and hopefully someone with more experience will be along soon to help you more.

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    Default Re: Young (5-7cm) WTF has air in his tummy..

    He looks fine in the pictures just chunky like a normal whites tree frogs. But mealworms are suppose to be a treat not given everyday, crickets should be their main diet so maybe it could be from too many mealworms. I would just keep an eye on him, but if he’s still eating, pooping, and acting normal then he should be alright.

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