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Thread: Help baby Pacman unresponsive?

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    Unhappy Help baby Pacman unresponsive?

    Hello, we recenty bought a baby Pacman frog in May 16th from PetSmart. I bought it because itís eyes looked pasted open and he looked pretty dry so I felt I had to try and save him. We had an extra tank, lights and all the goods we need as we have another pac man frog but heís bigger. So he got home and was doing really well. Hadnít had a problem with pastey eyes, has coconut fiber substrate, is sprayed multiple times through out the day, is never under 70 degrees, is fed really small crickets. I thought we were doing everything right but this morning his legs were behind him and he was completely unresponsive to touch and everything else, but he doesnít look dead, and has a small heartbeat?? Or twitch of some sort Under his eye? Is he still alive? 🤧

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