I am the Animal Care Specialist for a small nature center with appx 28 different species of reptile, amphibian, mammal and bird. Among our 5 frogs we had Mateo, a beautiful Argentinian. We purchased him from a reptile breeder approximately 5 weeks ago and he seemed to be doing fine. Coconut substrate, moss, marbled water dish and daily spritzing for humidity. Up until today when a volunteer found him dead, he had a great appetite for crickets and was active (for a Pacman ) Yesterday Mateo was a plump, happy frog sitting in his water dish. Today he was a stiff, completely shriveled corpse under the moss. We are in shock as we love our animals very much and try to do everything right by them. Can someone educate me as to what may have happened? Don't spare the truth, either; I'm from the Bronx and can take it.