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Thread: Please Critique my African Clawed Frog Setup!

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    Arrow Please Critique my African Clawed Frog Setup!

    Hello Frog Forum! I am an experienced aquarist of about 6 years, and I received my first African Clawed Frog on a whim from a friend about 3 years ago, and I had no idea what I was getting into. I just thought they were so alien looking and derpy, so I couldn't say no! I had "Juicy" for about a year and a half, but a tragic accident involving a faulty heater ended up killing him I was very upset by his death, and almost 1 year after, I decided to convert my 20 gallon long tropical community into an ACF tank to fill the void that was left by Juicy. I have had "Marjory" (the larger one resting at the surface in the attached image) and "Hubert" (I actually think they're both female, thoughts?) for a little over 3 months now, and I just had a few questions about my setup/feeding schedule.

    I have attached pictures of my frogs and the setup as comments . The tank is a 20 gallon long with a Aqueon QuietFlow Power Filter 20. I use an adjustable Aqueon heater set to 69 degrees Fahrenheit (in the summer temps in my room can reach over 80 degrees). The other inhabitants include 1 neon tetra (rest eaten by the frogs ), 1 zebra danio (again, frogs made a meal of the slow ones), a small population of ramshorn snails, and an even smaller population of assassin snails to keep the ramshorn in check. The plants are hygrophilia difformis, hornwort, anubias bateri(?), elodea densa, and an unknown plant attached to the coco mat tube.

    I feed the frogs on a rotating schedule. The first day, they get a mix of Reptomin Pro pellets and/or bottom-feeder shrimp pellets, and every other day I give them one nightcrawler each (I ALWAYS purge the worms in water for 15 mins to reduce waste and parasites, just to be safe). However, I have recently noticed that the smaller Hubert is an absolute BEAST, as he/she is now voraciously consuming 2 earthworms at an incredible speed, while Marjory struggles to get the first one down, and always ends up regurgitating the worm at least once before she can keep it down. Hubert can wolf down 2 worms in less time than it takes Marjory to finish just one, it just dosent make sense to me seeing that Marjory is considerably larger than Hubert.

    They've both grown considerably since they've entered my care, but I was just curious if I was feeding them too much/too little. I'm also aware I should have a bare-bottom tank as opposed to gravel, but it is a converted tank after all, and I feel as though trying to remove the gravel would be an absolute mess. So, Frog Forum members, I'm asking you to PLEASE critique my "frog game", as online articles can only carry one so far in learning adequate care. I really enjoy my ACF's and I would like to care for them in the best way possible, any thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated!

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