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Thread: Gray tree frog, injured back leg. Help!!!

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    Default Gray tree frog, injured back leg. Help!!!

    Today I was playing Frisbee with my dog. I accidentally threw the frisbee into a cedar tree. It immediately came falling back down, which my dog retrieved. I picked up the frisbee only to find a poor injured gray tree frog. His leg was punctured and lame laying behind him. The leg started to turn color immediately after. I put him in a plastic container with a damp paper towel then covered it so it would be dark and relaxing. what else should I do to help? Name:  IMG_7420.JPG
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    Default Re: Gray tree frog, injured back leg. Help!!!

    Just saw your thread today. Obviously best would be to get him to an exotics vet. Ours sewed toes back that were nearly severed and the frog did fine. How is he doing today? He may need antibiotics on the open wound such as cipro. Hope he is all better soon. Gorgeous frog. Is he eating ( would iffer 1-2 wk old crickets). Does he have a shallow water dish ( with clean mountain spring bottled water, not sink water)? Is he in a warm protected place? Thank you for helping him.

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