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Thread: African running frogs?

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    Default African running frogs?

    Hi Folks,
    need some advice on keeping, recently i got very interested in "African running frogs"
    there are a few species available, they are not really common but they do come up sometimes...
    1) Phrynomantis bifasciatus
    2) Phrynomantis microps
    3) Kassina senegalensis
    4) Kassina maculata

    The Phrynomantis are very beautiful but it seems to me they eat very tiny food like fruit flies, ants and maybe difficult to keep.
    i also search Internet forums and it seems they are quite fragile and die for no apparent reasons...
    For the Kassina they seems tougher and more robust. able to consume larger prey example crickets, meaiworms etc...
    Kassina maculata seems to be semi-arboreal? do they need a tall tank?
    Does Kassina need tall plants or just a bunch of Pothos plants will do for them?
    Does Kassina dig and burrow like
    Does Kassina need a large water pool like example: Firebelly toads?

    Thanks and have a nice day

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    Default Re: African running frogs?

    Did you get any specimen yet, ntny? Sounds like you're in for a ride, but you'll learn a lot.

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