This is an update thread on the Gray Army, the Western PA Woods and Wellsboro the Golden Toad. I will use this for now to share with you all what is happening.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of the Western PA Woods refer to the spoilers on the the link.

So to sum up the Western PA Woods it's featuring 2 American Toads (male and female) and 3 Wood Frogs (2 Males and 1 Female). There are surprise organisms but not yet released to the public. These animals are all in my care now and if you've been following the older posts you know who Ace and Pious are. The infamous duo of American Toads that are the reason we have a Western PA Woods. Ace and Pious are good to go and they were once sick of parasites that nearly killed every animal in my care. Ace and Pious have rebounded and are working together and staying together like old times. No aggressive behavior and they seem happy together. I do believe they remembered each other when put back together after separate quarantine.

As for the Wood Frogs they have yet to be treated. Wellsboro (who we will get to later) was very sick and needed to be seen first. So he's being finished up. The Wood Frogs are doing well and they are led right now by a bold leader named Titus. He is the largest Wood Frog and I believe would be left alone by Ace and Pious. I do not believe Ace would attempt to eat Titus but we will test her first so no fatality occurs. You haven't seen much of Titus or any Wood Frogs other then some photos but that's because I'm working on getting their trust and also getting them used to me. Titus is around 2-3 years old and looks to be eating the majority of the crickets. I will explain later of the tragedy that is going to happen where Titus is from.

As for Azrael he was a message from God. hence the name because he is the first reported and documented Wood Frog in my woods next to my house. He just popped up one day on an abandoned road and it was a sign that I had chosen the right frog to work with for my project (refer to the link above). He's smaller and younger and starting to get a little bit more comfortable with me. Still jumpy but that's why it's a process. He looks very different from Titus and is at risk of being small enough to be potentially eaten by Ace. So I'm trying to fatten him up and give him a lot of prey to grow.

Queen the female I am starting from a tadpole. She has yet to become a frog yet so we are awaiting the arrival of the Queen to metamorphosis into a frog.

The Wood Frogs are scheduled to hopefully be checked before Frog Week. I need samples of poop and my other animals to stay healthy! If all goes well then Ace, Pious and Titus will all go in the 125 Gallon when it is built and Titus is cleared. Azrael and Queen will wait and hibernate alone so Ace doesn't attempt to eat them. We will hope they will grow over hibernation and will be ready next year.

As for the process of the enclosure I got three plants and 2/3 of the lid. So we are starting to move forward with the process! It will take a while but I hope late summer to be done.

Wellsboro"The Golden Toad" is the lone toad who is a large dominant older male. He doesn't get along with Ace and Pious so I am building an enclosure around him. I am not explaining how or if he is connected to the project yet but he will have the next project after the completion of the Western PA Woods. His home will be next because it's much cheaper then that of the Gray Army! So he was once sick from parasites also and he has been dewormed almost completely. He has one last round to go. He will patiently await his home to be built over the fall and winter.

The Gray Army is interesting. Bane is overweight and Christian is being slightly treated for the parasites right now. We are in search of female Gray Tree Frogs to accompany Bane and Christian. Both are doing well and may soon in a month or two be reunited like Ace and Pious were. They will live in a lush utopian ecosystem of a new and innovative habitat. The Biopod Grand. A large "self sufficient" enclosure. They will be joined by Mosquito Fish and another guest in these lands. The Gray Army is getting healthy and are on pace for a reunion. There are massive surprises with the Gray Army but it will be much much later. Their enclosure might be a spring or summer build 2020. $1k is a lot to spend all at once so I'm going to have to budget. But they are third on the list so they will have to wait. Soon the Gray Army will be united and will reappear on my YouTube Channel again.

So what are your thoughts on the plans for the 125 gallon Western PA Woods Vivarium?

Should we have the PA Woods Community vote on a name for the home Wellsboro will live in? What's your suggestion?

Do you want to see a video on the reunion of the Gray Army?

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