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Thread: Heat and Lighting for a pacman?

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    Default Heat and Lighting for a pacman?

    Hi! I've been researching pacmen frogs for a while and I've decided to get one. I just wanted a second opinion on extra lighting and additional sources of heat for the frog.
    It's tank is next a window (not directly in front, I don't want it to cook the little guy!) But it's a large window so there's plenty of natural light in the room. We also keep the house at 79 during the day and about 75 at night.
    So I've read as long as there's natural light you shouldn't need a UVB (especially since this can dry them out). Since it will be so warm in the house, should I still purchase a heat pad?
    Do you guys have both for your pacman, or just one, or neither?

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