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Thread: Fire Belly Sick - White stuff on head?

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    Default Fire Belly Sick - White stuff on head?

    A couple months ago one of my frogs started getting a foggy eye. I took both of my frogs to the vet and the vet said there was a fungal infection. She scraped skin off of BOTH of my frogs for the test. Now where she scraped it is white and bloody(?) on the frog without the foggy eye. Any idea?! You can imagine my panic when you see the picture. I don't know if her scraping the skin is related but I wanted to mention it.
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    Default Re: Fire Belly Sick - White stuff on head?

    A skin scrape is typically performed so the area can be cultured. A culture and sensitivity typically show the type of fungus and the antifungals it is sensative and or resistant to. This helps determine the course of treatment. As a differential though, corneal lipidosis presents as cloudy eyes in frogs that are typically older and have had excessively fed throughout their lives and is not a fungal infection. However I mention this only as an aside and I do not dispute your vet’s findings. What treatment was offered? Was this an exotics vet? Was quarantine advised?

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