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Thread: One of my fire bellied toads pupils is extremely small

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    Default One of my fire bellied toads pupils is extremely small

    I have a 12 year old fire bellied toad who is very active and healthy, he eats on a regular basis and seems to be able to see just fine. However the last few months of 2018 I noticed that one of his pupils is extremely smaller than the one and his eye seems to be cloudy. It never used to be like that, they used to be the same size. Every once in a while his eye will start randomly bleeding but eventually the blood goes away. It’s only happened twice that I know of. I have attached a picture from 2017 when his pupils were the same size and one I recently just took (he’s the brown one). Any clarification as to why his pupil became smaller or why his eye has bled in the past?
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